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. What are the contents of ambahan? Ambahan is a black or green and sometimes pink tae.
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  • It is a type of tercet, or three-lined stanza or poem.
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  • The meaning of the script is:.
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    Dalawang bolang itim malayo ang nararating.

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  • Related questions.
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    An ambahan can be as short as seven syllables or as long as forty-nine.

  • Magbigay ng halimbawa ng ambahan na tagalog - 872748.
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    About thirty percent of the Hanunuo-Mangyans do not read or write the pre-Spanish Hanunuo-Mangyan script, but it would be rare indeed for a Mangyan not to know the art of the ambahan.

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    She / was / a / lit / tle / tense.