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There are lots of choices available when it comes to changing your shift knob. Gasket® Manual/Automatic Skull Style Chrome Shift Knob with Red Eyes (9628) 2.
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  • Z1 370Z S-Spec.
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    if you are able to get something that will slowly pull the knob straight off the shift it will work.

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    Pry open the shift console with a flathead, I marked the sweet spots where the clips are.

  • * Lift the console up and gently turn over on towards the passenger side.
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    Nissan 350Z, Manual Gearbox, 10mm x 1.

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  • Aug 5, 2008 · The next step is to install the Switch Base Plate.
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    DeatschWerks Dual Pump Kit to Hardwire Two Fuel Pumps.

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    There are many color choices as well as design choices.