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This collection will provide researchers with the most highly curated document-based resource available for the study of CIA covert operations. .
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    Examples of contexts where covert operations might be used include: Intelligence gathering: Covert operations can be used to gather information about an enemy’s plans or capabilities without the enemy knowing.

  • Covert operations are largely special operations, whether by dedicated SOF troops, task-organized general-purpose forces, third-nation personnel or non-military assets.
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  • The Significance of Covert Operations.
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    Apr 25, 2018 · statutory provisions for oversight for covert action.

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    1960s saw the beginning of a widespread student protest movement that was known for advocating.

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    1 In this context I use the terms “covert action” (a term of the 1970s) and “covert operations” (a 1950s term).